The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation is a small family foundation dedicated to making a difference in the lives of people in need.

The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation is currently exploring a new way to accomplish this mission, therefore, the Swett Foundation is no longer accepting grant applications through this website in the fiscal year starting May 2021 through the end of April 2022. [In May 2022, this website will be updated to reflect any possible changes in this policy for the fiscal year starting in May 2022. This announcement will be made solely through this website].

If you arrived at this webpage in search of funding on behalf of a charitable organization, we share your regret that we will not be able to provide your funding at this time. Our desire to help far exceeds our available funds. During this past grant cycle especially, we were so overwhelmingly inundated with applications that each applicant's percent possibility of funding became unacceptably low. We realized that, at this extreme level of submissions, applicants would be better served by expending their efforts in pursuing more fruitful sources of funding. We do not want to waste your time nor raise false hopes, therefore the Foundation is pursuing a different direction to fulfill its mission. We are humbled by those such as yourself who work so hard to help people in need and we hope you will accept our continued wishes for your every success.

Regarding the past grant cycle in the first quarter of 2021 - The trustees had many hard decisions to make for this past grant cycle. Our most fervent wish is that we had more funds - there were so many projects that we wished we could fund! The recipients of the grants for this grant cycle have now been contacted and funds dispersed. If your organization applied for a grant in this grant cycle and were not contacted, then we regret that your project was not funded. Please consider this a reflection of the particularly intense competition for the funds during this grant cycle rather than a reflection of the quality of your project. Again, we are amazed and humbled by the good work that you do and only wish we could do more.


The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation