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Welcome! We know you most likely arrived here seeking to contact us on behalf of an organization seeking to do good in the lives of people in need; therefore, we offer our heartfelt appreciation for the generosity of time and treasure that you expend on behalf of others. We are always amazed and humbled by the good you and others do. However, before you spend your time contacting us, please know that the Swett Foundation is not currently accepting any grant requests.

It is our goal to have a trustee personally answer all email communications. In order to do this, past experience has shown us that we need your help. We ask that you comply with the following requests:

  • We request that you refrain from adding the email address below to your email subscriber list. We regret that we must always unsubscribe. Please do not take this personally. We are sincerely interested in the amazing work you all are doing, but these unsolicited email subscriptions inundate our emails! Past experience has shown us that this can add up to hundreds to thousands every week - far too many for us to read and they make it difficult to find the actual email communications needing a response. Thank you!

  • The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation will not be accepting grant requests from May 2021 through April 2022. Updates on this policy for the following fiscal year will be posted on this website in May 2022 immediately after any decision is made. Therefore, if you desire this information, you can get it much more quickly by checking our website in May 2022 as it will avoid the potential delay resulting from a trustee having to respond to thousands of emails for the same information. Thank you!

  • If you arrived at this webpage in search of funding on behalf of yourself or an individual in need, we regret that our bylaws make it impossible for us to make grants to individuals. We are absolutely bounded by these founding bylaws and this cannot change. Instead, our mission is accomplished by supporting organizations which, in turn, support people in need. We sincerely hope you will find the help you need through one of those organizations.

Thank you for your cooperation! It is greatly appreciated! Just like many of you, our trustees' hearts are deeply tied to their mission, but are also committed to obligations and full-time jobs outside the Foundation as well. We know your time is also limited. Therefore, we hope that these requests will allow all of us to make the best use of our time.

If you need to contact the Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation concerning a matter other than those listed above, please email us at: [Please do not add this email to your subscriber lists; see above].

If requested to mail needed information by a trustee, our address is:

The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation

C/O Lionsbridge Wealth Management

1514 Roberts Drive

Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250