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Contact us & FAQ

We love to hear from you and to answer any questions you might have. We respectfully request however, that you check our frequently asked questions below to make sure that it does not already contain your answer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Is this project a good fit for the Swett Foundation? May I talk to you about our project?
We regret that we are unable to pre-evaluate grant applications or discuss them with you ahead of time as it is only by seeing the full application information that we will have a basis to determine how well your request matches the mission of the Foundation. This policy also helps to evaluate projects objectively based on the criteria in our application. If your grant application is determined to be one of the top projects best fitting our mission, we will contact you to obtain any additional information we may require for further evaluation. Our application process is done completely online and all information regarding our requirements is posted on this web site in the grant inquiry section.

    2. May I send you our newsletters/brochures/references/etc. to help you learn about our organization?
We ask that you wait to send these materials unless requested by a trustee. We truly enjoy hearing about the many different and innovative ways you find to help those in need; yet, past history has taught us that it is impossible to keep up with reading all of these as we quickly became inundated with them!  We also do not have the means to track them and distribute them to the trustees reviewing your project. Therefore, it is in your best interest to wait for them to be requested as then you will be certain that they will get to the trustees directly reviewing your project. Thank you for respecting our time.

   3. Our project does not meet your criteria. May we still apply?
Wouldn't it be great if we could help everyone in need? Alas, we had to face our own hard reality that we have limited funds and cannot be a part of every good thing. Our application process is, therefore, about finding the projects that best fit our mission. We are just trying our best to do our small part. If your project does not meet our criteria, it is simply not a good fit for our Foundation, but we very much hope you will find more suitable organizations to provide funding. We sincerely wish you every success!
One exception to this rule is if an organization does not yet have a full three years of 990 forms. Please email us.

   4. When does your next grant cycle begin? When is the deadline? When will grant recipients be  
As soon as these dates are decided, they are posted on this website. We do not follow a set schedule from year to year. If these dates are not yet posted, then they have not yet been decided.

   5. I can't find/can't fill in the pdf of the application.
See the download link for the pdf on the bottom of the Step 2 page on this website.  The pdf is provided only as a courtesy as a means to know what questions are on the online application. It is not meant to be edited and submitted. All applications must be submitted online. The link to the online application is found on the Step 3 page of this website.

   6. I represent a charity that funds similar projects. Would the Swett Foundation be interested in a 
       partnership with us?
Thank you, but our founders wished to create the Swett Foundation as an independent foundation. We fully respect their wishes which have also shown their value, so we will continue on our independent path. However, you are most welcome to refer an organization to our website so they can submit an application.

   7. What advice can you give me on how to present our project for the best chance at successfully  
       obtaining funding?
We are a little surprised at how often we've been getting this question. We sincerely hope that the "presentation" of the project is not what sways us, but rather the project's true merits.  We've tried to create an application process that gives an objective picture of the difference the project will make in the lives of those in need and the feasibility of this actually being achieved. To have the best chance of funding - make your project the best it can be. Not all admirable goals have equally admirable plans. Have your work done on how you calculated the funds you will need, what the funds will be used for, what benefits you expect and how they are to be measured, what evidence (research/experience/data) you have to back all this up. Review your project - can it be done for less?  Is it a wise use of each and every bit of the funds? Prove that the benefits are tangible and not merely envisioned. We are certainly in the business of funding "dreams", but experience has taught us that dreams need well-thought out, well-researched, fiscally responsible plans in order to become reality and actually achieve their goals. If this does not describe your project, we respectfully ask you to wait to apply until it does. These funds are only being given to those who are helping people in need. If these funds go your project, know this means someone else's project is not being funded. That is a lot of responsibility - make sure to make your project the best that it can be. We say this because we feel that same burden of responsibility in trying to fund the very best projects. 

We find that there are many, many worthy projects beyond the capacity of our Foundation's funding ability. We are grateful for the many people working so hard to make a difference in the lives of people in need and we regret that we cannot fund every worthy project. We hope to work with as many of you as we can, but wish you all much success.

If you need to contact us concerning a matter outside of the exclusions listed above, one of the quickest ways to contact us is through the email below. This email account is checked frequently.

e-mail: robin@reswettfoundation.org 

Note: Once again, we humbly request that you refrain from adding the above email address to your email subscriber list. We regret that we must always unsubscribe. Please do not take this personally. We are sincerely interested in the amazing work you all are doing, but these unsolicited email subscriptions have inundated our emails! There are far too many for us to read and they make it difficult to find the actual email communications needing a response. Thank you for respecting this request and our time.

If requested to mail needed information by a trustee, our address is:

The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation
C/O Lionsbridge Wealth Management
1514 Roberts Drive
Jacksonville Beach, FL  32250