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We regret that we are unable to pre-evaluate grant applications or discuss them with you ahead of time as it is only by seeing the full application information that we will have a basis to determine how well your request matches the mission of the Foundation. We ask your understanding in this as there are simply too many applications and the application itself works best in providing the objective information we really need. If your grant is one of the top applicants best fitting our mission, we will contact you to obtain any additional information we may require for further evaluation. Our application process is done completely online and all information regarding our requirements is posted on this web site in the grant inquiry section. Meeting dates will be posted as soon as they are determined so check the web site for the most up-to-date information.

If you need to contact us concerning a matter outside of the exclusions listed above, one of the quickest ways to contact us is through the email below. This email account is checked frequently.

We find that there are many, many worthy projects beyond the capacity of our Foundation's funding ability. We are grateful for the many people working so hard to make a difference in the lives of people in need and we regret that we cannot fund every worthy project. We hope to work with as many of you as we can, but wish you all much success.

The Ralph and Eileen Swett Foundation
C/O Lionsbridge Wealth Management
1514 Roberts Drive
Jacksonville Beach, FL  32250

e-mail: robin@reswettfoundation.org 

Note: We humbly request that you refrain from adding the above email address to your email subscriber list. We regret that we must always unsubscribe. We are sincerely interested in the amazing work you all are doing, but these unsolicited email subscriptions have inundated our emails! There are far too many for us to read and they make it difficult to find the actual email communications needing a response. Thank you for respecting this request and our time.