Step 3: Submit an application. Please see the Grant Timeline for updates on the current grant cycle.

Hopefully, you've arrived here after using Step 1 to determine that your project is a suitable candidate for funding from the Swett Foundation and Step 2 to gather all the information needed for this application. If not, we highly recommend returning to these steps so you are assured you are a good match for funding and so you have all the information you need to submit an application before you begin.  To fully evaluate your request and adequately compare it to other worthy requests, a substantial amount of information is required. As grant applications are submitted electronically we want to warn you that, due to technological limitations, we DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS FOR YOU TO SAVE A PARTIALLY COMPLETED APPLICATION FORM AND RETURN TO IT LATER.  So that you will not have to try to complete this application multiple times, please have all the information you need ready to complete your application before you begin. Return to Step 2 if you need to know what information you will need or would like to download a pdf file with the application questions.

If you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, then we are anxious to finally receive your application! Please click on the link below to reach the application form. 

Please note:  To be sure you do not lose your data, we suggest you complete the application in a word processing document first, then cut and paste it into the application. Google Chrome and Firefox have been shown to be superior browsers over internet explorer when submitting the application. We have just changed our form to allow large text boxes to hold 250 words instead of characters. However, be forewarned that large amounts of text throughout the application could surpass the ability of your internet browser to hold and transmit the final application. This is a problem beyond our control. Therefore, we suggest that you be concise and avoid using the full amount of space available for every text box. If your application does not go through, we regret that we will not be able to help you since it will be because you exceeded your browser limitations. Your only recourse will be to pare down and resubmit. While we know that you may feel that you do not have room to supply all the information you want to initially, we have found that being concise works in the applicant's favor. A succinct description allows us to almost immediately recognize the unique benefits of the proposal. The trustee can then request additional information.

A link will appear here when a new grant cycle begins and applications are once again being accepted.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for all you do on behalf of others!